On the Occasion of Maharashtra Din After flag hosting programme general meeting with Institute Management, Principal All teaching and non teaching staff members.

Meeting was organized in meeting hall for discssion of planning of college work in academic year 2022-2023 and discussing issues about students and staffs. The dignitaries present for meeting. Mr. Dr. Ajay Bhimrao Dhonde, Assist. Secretory and Director, Anand Charitable Trust, Ashti., Mr. Abhay Bhimrao Dhonde,Director, Anand Charitable Trust, Ashti ,Administartive officers Dr. Raut D.B., Prof. S.G. Vidhate., Shri. D.M. Gilche, Shri. D.Z. Bodkhe., Shri Sanjay Shende., Anand Charitable Trust, Ashti.,Shri Dhole P.P., Personal Assist. Mr. Bhimrao Anandrao Dhonde(Chairman), Shri. Shivaji Thorve, Shri. Subhash Wagh., Shri., Arsul S.R., (principal)., Shri. Kale P.R.(Student Councelling Cell)., Prof. Misal L.S., (Chairman IQAC)., Prof. Bankar S.L.(Woman complaint Cell)., Prof. Navsare G.J.(Academic Incharge) Mr. Tamboli I.M.(NSS Incharge)., Mr. Desaipatil S.R.(Sports Incharge)., Shri Sable M.V.(Chairman Student Placement Cell)., Er. Jadhav P.N. (T.O.).,Dr. Khemgar B.B.(Physical Director)., Shri Mete V.S., Shri. Mhaske A.M.,  Shri. Hange R.S.,  Shri.Khose R.S., Prof Raut V.D., Prof. Gunjale B.R., Prof. Deshmukh S.D., Dr. Ajabe M.A., Dr. Ukey B.N., Mr. Pokale M.N., Mr. Kshetre D.P.,(O.S.)., Mr. Dhonde S.J.(Academic Clerk)., Mr. Shivarkar A.A.(Computer Operator)., All teaching and Non teaching staff our college.